Grammys 2020 Jewelry: Less Is More

Did you watch the Grammys? We missed the live event but have been pouring over the pictures! Let me tell you, I was surprised by the restraint of the presenters and guests! I loved the dialed-back, toned-down, less-is-more, quality over quantity styling that pervaded the awards show.

Collar necklaces, dangle earrings, and statement rings ruled the night. From chunky stones linked together to metal made floral collars, the night was all about bare or accentuated collarbone glamour.

A collar necklace is officially 16″ long, whereas a choker is 14″, and the princess length is 18″ long. For the metrically minded chokers are 35-36cm, collars are 40-41cm, and princess chains are 45-46cm long. But these numbers are only guidelines. If you want to make sure you’re getting a collar length necklace measure! You can use a piece of yarn, thread, fabric, or even a strip of paper to see what length is perfect for you!

In addition to the stunning collars, we saw a number of cocktail rings. Large single stones in vibrant shades were set in tiny rings of Diamonds and Moissanite. The majority of these rings were worn on the first finger of the right hand, a throwback to one of my favorite 1990s trends!

We also saw long skinny earrings in matching colors and stone cuts. Very few reached the shoulders, but many poked out past short bobs and casual looking up-dos. It was nice to see so many familiar personalities dressed up at home, participating in a very zoomish Grammy Awards Ceremony!

See more photos on Instagram #grammys2020, and where we found our four favorite Grammy photos, also from Instagram!

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