#FridayFun Behind the Scenes

Today was a day of creation at Pendant and Ring. We are excited about seeing family and friends for the upcoming holidays, safely distanced mind you, but still, it will be nice to see their smiling eyes. Plus, it’s Friyay!

All of this excitement is finding an outlet in creativity. We are busy making your next treasured coin pendants!

Specializing in coin jewelry is what makes us your one-stop coin jewelry shop. Today we want to share the joy that goes into making each piece; finding just the right coin, the creation of just the right bezel, and when they come together on the right chain we are just as excited as if you chose this gift for us! And in a way, you did. You make our business possible. We have these days of joy because of you.

The jewelry and coin collecting communities are brimming with a love of antiques, a genuine curiosity, and a passion for treasure. We are so happy to be a part of that community and to have met you through it! Enjoy a sneak-peek video with a few upcoming pendants here on Pendant and Ring.

Have a great weekend and look for these coin pendants across platforms over the next week, and have a Happy Friyay!

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