Pendant and Ring and the Future

Thank you for joining us today! A five-year plan is an integral part of any company vision. Here and Pendant and Ring Jewelry we want to invite you to the conversation. Join us as we examine where Pendant and Ring Jewelry is at the close of 2020, and where we want Pendant and Ring to be five years from now.

Pendant and Ring Jewelry Five Year Plan

Many small jewelry shops use recycling to supplement, or entirely supply their raw materials. Interrupting the waste stream is one way that Pendant and Ring Jewelry works to help the planet and provide you with affordable jewelry options, and we are not alone. A quick Etsy search shows that many small jewelers work to recycle as many metals and stones as they can. That is a good reason to support small businesses when you can!

At Pendant and Ring Jewelry we celebrate the diversity of the world and reach across cultural differences to include every shade of culture in our march toward a more inclusive world. We consistently expand our offerings to include more coin pendants from more countries and cultures, learning as we go. For us, in the US melting pot, it is the continuation of a lifelong desire for inclusivity as we try to see the world from as many perspectives as possible. That means we hold space for ideas and cultures that are different than our own, and we hope to be able to hold space for more people and more cultures as we continue to grow and learn.

In addition to recycling and diversity, we want to talk about offsetting our carbon footprint and eliminating plastic in our business processes. We currently recycle and continually reduce the use and consumption of plastic products in our business. Shipping is our main area of plastic consumption and the area we have the most room to grow.

In addition to phasing out plastic in shipping, we are also implementing drawdown methods of carbon capture. Drawdown is the act of carbon sequestering. Its usage is based on the idea that preventing new carbon emissions is not enough to curb the effects of climate change. In addition to slowing and stopping emissions, we can capture and sequester carbon currently in the atmosphere. Pendant and Ring Jewelry is actively participating in drawdown activities including but not limited to no-till cultivation, local and organic sourcing, tree planting, and meat-free workweeks.

Pendant and Ring Jewelry: The Five Year Plan Summary

  • Increase recycling efforts.
  • Eliminate plastic in shipping.
  • Hold space for diversity with outreach programs.
  • Dismantle prejudice through education.
  • Continue to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Practice Drawdown techniques.

As we move forward there will be changes to this plan. This is a guide for us to be better business partners, better jewelers and better humans in this wide world that we all share.

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