Oh my gosh you guys! They made a new deal.

After all the planning and then going to court, there is a new LVMH deal to acquire Tiffany and Co after all.

LVMH and Tiffany reach a new deal.

So after all the re-negotiating, it looks like LVMH is set to purchase Tiffany at a reduced price, saving $0.4million. The EU already signed off on it, and being that both companies are engaged in judicial proceedings, it looks like it’s really going to go through.

The big question is, “will Tiffany acquiesce?” They cannot be happy about the $0.4M loss, but times are tough and the release of their new lines doesn’t seem to be bolstering their numbers.

I can already see the Lifetime movie of this whole event with star-crossed lawyers and beautiful scenes shot in New York and Paris. Can’t you? I would love that movie, if not for the romance, then for the jewelry!

Enjoy your Thursday!

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