December 2020 – We made it this far!

Hey guys. Hoping you are well and warm this December. After a year of tumult, we are ready to dance into a mellow 2021 where all the news is good news. Are you with me?

In this month’s newsletter, we spend a little time reviewing Pendant and Ring’s performance during 2020. It’s good to look back in order to see how far the Pendant and Ring family has come. Then we reveal some ideas we have in the works for 2021! Lastly, you can find links to some Holiday gift ideas from our stores – before time runs out!

This year the Pendant and Ring family of stores maintained a healthy growth trajectory into the summer but saw that growth stall as covid-19 continued to ravage the world. We lost some of our suppliers, but also found new suppliers closer to home. Shipping delays created great frustrations for us, and for our customers. As the summer drew to a close, we received our first items from the new suppliers and began creating new items for the Pendant and Ring Etsy store.

Etsy has been a wonderful environment for Pendant and Ring. The people we have met through the platform, both sellers and buyers, are honest and hardworking with respect and appreciation for quality products. We are happy to be part of the Etsy community and have plans to open an additional Pendant and Ring Etsy store in 2021!

As our website grows along side our presence on Etsy we intend to move away from eBay, but do not feel the need to abandon eBay completely in 2021. Here on the website we are learning about video making and will continue to do so into next year. Unless the eBay platform applies radical changes, we feel that they will be left behind in the rush to court online shoppers.

Black Friday 2020 was of a different pale than previous spastic holiday shopping days – and in a good way. We were happy to see many of you taking advantage of our Long Weekend Sale as we read about the general uptick in online shopping this season. Although we miss parts of the in-store shopping experience, we are happy to peruse the stores online as we sit in front of the woodstove with cups of coffee and mugs of cider.

Speaking of present shopping! Here are some ideas for the last minute shoppers out there! We’ll start with hammered rings in silver or gold.

If a ring is too much, try these coin pendants on for size…

Whatever you decide to get, know that we will ship quickly! We also offer gift wrapping, so just let us know! If you don’t have an Etsy account they are easy to sign up for, but I understand time is of the essence! Here are links to our sister stores on eBay too: Honored Allies Coin and Jewelry Shop, and Every Magical Day Jewelry. Click through to see some of our best deals.

If you have a specific coin in mind, or a specific year, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

We look forward to hearing from you, and until then, May your Holiday nights shine bright and your Holi-days be filled with joy!

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