Take a minute for yourself.

What a year.

We are grateful to be here with you at the close of 2020, the year that lasted 10 times longer than any other year. Who knew on January 1st that we would have to face such difficulties as individuals, communities, and nations, or spend so many days and nights in fear for our health?

But, guess what…
We did it. We made it through the year. This year took a toll on each one of us. I don’t know how many times we thought we could not go forward with our ideas, our projects, or our business. But here we are, still working toward our passions. You made 2020 into the best year it could be because you never gave up. Then, you powered through the holidays, and now, it’s time to celebrate your successes.

2020 taught us so much.
It reminded us that we can have fun and enjoy ourselves in small spaces. That we can laugh, dream, create, and be ourselves no matter where we are. We can connect with our friends and families over both long and short distances, and there is always time to make a connection.

We wish you all the best in this quiet time between the gift-giving and New Year’s Eve.
Take a big deep breath, you have done well.

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