The New Tiffany

On January 7th, 2021 the long-awaited acquisition of Tiffany & Company by LVMH will conclude. It has been a long road to this end, and finally, we are on the cusp of the deal.

Arnault’s son Alexandre will step into place as a Tiffany executive controlling communications and products within Tiffany. Interestingly, Alexandre has started his bid after the announcement that Tiffany & Company will sell their most expensive piece ever, a reproduction of the three-strand diamond necklace from the 1939 World’s Fair in Chicago.


Although the original is a beautiful necklace, Tiffany is altering the design. In place of the 80-carat aqua-marine central stone, this new necklace features an ethically sourced 80-carat diamond. The piece will be on display in 2022, and until then we can all make wagers on the price.

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