Zoom Worthy Jewelry

The old saying “Go Big, Or Go Home,” got a makeover in 2020. These days we say, “Go Big and Stay Home,” especially when it comes to zoom worthy jewelry.

In previous posts we have discussed the difference between night-out jewelry and at-work jewelry, but now nights out and work days are taking place in the same spaces.

In order to make an impression in our tiny zoom boxes, it’s important to stand out and jewelry can help you do just that.

zoom worthy jewelry from pendant and ring

If you are in a meeting with 10 or more co-workers, your zoom box is pretty tiny. We’ve all read the how-to articles about backgrounds and lighting, but wardrobe and jewelry play an equally important role.

The trick is to make sure your jewelry is visible, and that it does not clash with your wardrobe, or surroundings. Metal jewelry is not going to cause a color conflict, so stick with gold or silver, or even two-toned pieces.

Think of each meeting as an opportunity to write your own story. Your surroundings give hints about you, your values, and your life. Your wardrobe conveys information about your style, your taste, and sometimes your interests. Your jewelry tells your co-workers, and your boss, about your work ethic.

How much do small details matter to you?

If you are in a buttoned-up dress shirt, your cufflinks, your tie clip, bracelets, your watch, or watch fob convey a great deal about you. Going to work without these finishing touches conveys an equal amount of information, perhaps not the information you wish to convey.

If you are in a v-neck shirt or blouse your necklace speaks volumes. Make sure it is big enough to be seen on your boss’s screen as they look at your entire team.

If your ears are pierced you can choose any earrings, large ones are more visible and playful while smaller earrings are less visible, but also more studious.

Just as you would not attend a meeting without combing your hair, you should not attend a meeting without the appropriate accessories.

Looking for just the right statement piece? Check out the options in our Etsy store, or on eBay in our Every Magical Day store.

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