Graduation Season!

Young adults all over the world are graduating this spring! Although this year’s celebrations may look different than the celebrations of the past, they are no less exciting and important.

Celebrate your graduate with a token of support and pride in the form of a birth-year coin pendant. A birth-year coin pendant serves as a reminder to the graduate. With is they can see just how far they have come.

High School and College graduates are entering new phases in their lives and a look back can remind them of how capable and loved and supported they are. You were there for them over the years, and they did so well. As you and your graduate look forward to the next step in their lives, your gift will remind them that you are only a phone call away, and are always there to help them in any way you can.

Contact us to reserve a birth-year coin pendant necklace for your graduate today. Please include the birth year and the coin you are looking for in the form below.

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