Pendant and Ring Jewelry Newsletter May 2021

Hello and Happy May! April was an interesting month for Coin Pendants and all forms of Jewelry. Exciting changes are happening in the industry and we can’t wait to see how those changes will reshape the e-commerce marketplace. In April we welcomed new customers into the Pendant and Ring family and welcome you now, to join us for a month in review and a look into the future with the May Newsletter!

The Top Blog Posts for the month of April include:

Although these posts are the oldies and the goodies, the new stuff is pretty cool too…

The Internet’s favorite and/or most purchased pendants during April are linked below. Click on an image to see more details!

Pieces of Eight continue to be popular with the Etsy crowd, and it’s no wonder, they are amazing one-of-a-kind finds. The four photographed here are still available – but probably not for long!

coin pendant, coin necklace, rasta jewelry, pirate jewelry,
See these Pieces of Eight Pendants on Etsy!

On eBay we see continued interest in Rastafarian Coin Pendant Necklaces, in large and small sizes.

coin pendant, coin necklace, rasta jewelry, pirate jewelry,
See these Lion of Judah Coin Pendants on eBay!

We added more Spanish and Victorian coin pendants as promised. These pendants are ready for you in the Pendant and Ring Jewelry Store on Etsy. We also added some coins to Honored Allies on eBay and to the Pendant and Ring Coin Store on Etsy, as well as some beautiful Irish options to the Every Magical Day store on eBay.

We are learning the ropes on YouTube and having fun doing it. Every week we upload a video of the new items in the Etsy shops. In future videos (like the one debuting on Thursday) we will include audio with the names of the pendants in addition to direct links – which you can find at the end of each description. Check it out, then subscribe and click the bell then tell your friends and family about Pendant and Ring. Once we have 100 subscribers we can request a custom URL. Thank you for your help in reaching this goal!

That about wraps it up for now! We hope you are enjoying your springtime (or fall time as the case may be) and that you have a stellar week!

See you next time on Pendant and Ring.

coin pendant, coin necklace, rasta jewelry, pirate jewelry,

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