Ferrari, Slow Fashion, And Crochet Shorts

Our time in quarantine has changed our collective approach to fashion. Comfort remains a top priority as many of us head back to the workplace. The casual-wear category unironically includes many pajama items. Carmakers are dabbling in fashion, and shorts are socially acceptable in almost every setting.

Since comfort is Queen all the new lines from high-end designers allow for ample movement. Every clothing item, from beret to ballet slippers celebrates the soft snugg lines. Pleats have returned to dresses, trousers, skirts, and shorts. Cotton and linen rule the runway for three reasons: comfort, breathability, and environmental responsibility. The up-and-coming designers have made environmental responsibility part of their comfort space.

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House slippers, oversized shirts, crop tops and soft cotton shorts which Joe Boxer would be proud, are all part of the streetwear scene. Zoom calls revealed most everyone has a favorite t-shirt or pajama pant, and now that everyone important has seen it, why not wear it out? Billie Eilish wears pajama-esque clothes all the time right? That is streetwear! As the difference between waking and sleeping attire blurs, the accessories really convey the time of day (or night). Wear what makes you comfortable, but you need those accessories. A cute pair of earrings, a few chains with a couple of pendants (coin pendants of course), and one ring to decorate each hand lets the world know you are not really in your pajamas. *Really.*

By this time we have all heard about the importance of slow fashion. Levi’s aired a collection of slow fashion commercials explaining the importance of quality and why paying a little more for quality is better than stuffing landfills with wear-one-time trendy pieces. Levi’s campaign,”Buy Better, Wear Longer” is perfectly positioned to show off the traditional high-waist options and jean jackets of years gone by as highly sought after items thanks to platforms like DePop, Etsy’s latest acquisition. Youth-led fashion and GenZ are all about making and remaking fashion from gently used vintage items. Slow fashion is making a comeback and youth are leading the way.

This is why Ferrari’s entrance into the fashion world is funny! The fine and fast car manufacturers have produced their very own clothing line. Ferrari’s line remains true to brand with a limited color palette featuring navy, black, red, and yellow pieces. They embrace the comfort lines in fashion, even if their cars are a tight squeeze. Let’s just hope their cars remain fast and their fashion stays slow.

That brings us to our last item of note; the return of shorts. With the casual vibes, and the high waistlines, shorts are once again a happy summer addition. Pick your favorite kind of shorts: sweat shorts, running shorts, bicycle shorts, pleated shorts, a-line jorts (not kidding!), crochet shorts, or skorts! Then make, buy used, buy new, or trade for some summer comfort shorts this year. It looks like it’s going to be a scorcher, so this news could not have come at a better time.

And, if you are nervous about wearing shorts… Let me remind you that upwards of 90% of women have at least a few dimples, and it is a historical fact that dimples are cute. So, embrace your dimples, embrace this summer, wear the shorts!

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