Fall Winter 2021/2022 Fashion Part 1: Givenchy, Prada, Fendi Show and Review

Fall is in the air in many locations, even as other places swelter with drought. Here at Pendant and Ring we have the dog days of summer to look forward to before the cool weather returns. Despite that, we are happy to review the Fall Winter Fashion shows of six big brands, not only for jewelry research but also to share the upcoming themes and trends with you.

Today we cover the Givenchy, Prada, and Fendi shows. Each show is included below for your viewing pleasure! Subscribe to see the next three reviews this Thursday.


Givenchy favored traditional trousers at ankle-lengths, and pencils skirts, knee-length and longer. Both outfit staples were worn in black and ecru. The materials were comfort-focused with ample dimensional stretch. Crochet, knit and double-knit ruled the floor. The shades of earth from black to ecru included limited brown patches, silver details, and red opaque tights or leggings. To break up the office vibes Givenchy included luxurious furs and occasional a-symmetrical hemmed gauzy skirts worn over leggings. Floor-length dresses were crocheted together with see-through panels for extra allure.

The jewelry was big and bulky. Choker chains in silver, gold, and shiny black sat on collarbones. Necklaces, zippers, decorative grommets and glittering silver reflected in the dark spotlight and water splashed floor. Overall, the show had a post-apocalyptic vibe familiar to Mad Max and Hunger Games fans.

Like Givenchy, Prada rocked the post-apocalyptic vibes this time with a set that echoed the glossy aspects of the vaporwave aesthetic. The set was made up of colorful but sterile rooms. The models wore slicked-back, mullet-style hair that reminded me of the helmets in THX-1138. The music-induced the tension of elevated heart rates and the shadowed light interlude beginning at 10:10 amplified the feelings of mystery.

The clothes were comfort-focused oversized office wear for the most part, with numerous takes on blazers and trench-styled coats. Chunky platform shoes and big Prada handbags remained a staple throughout. Prada led with black pieces but slowly amped up the preppy late-80s and early-90s colors that fit in with the malls of yesterday. Trousers, turtlenecks, turtleneck jumpsuits, and pencil dresses paired with elaborately patterned knits and touches of leather round out the Prada collection.

Fendi also struck a chord with an end of the world theme, embracing concrete casts that created the illusion of an abandoned art museum. Mini to maxi length, soft cotton pencil skirts, and dresses with over-the-knee slim slouch boots in monochromatic pairings dominated the show. Stripes replaced last year’s plaids but solid colors stole the spotlight. Chunky chain links, predominately in gold glittered with the ecru, white satin, and soft pink styles. Rose gold sateen and light brown velour shone with 1990s inspired lamé a-line, t-length spaghetti strap dresses. Plain and patterned leather, as well as feathers, fur, and crochet accented an otherwise tame show.

Check back this Thursday, or subscribe and I will send you a link to part two of The 2021/2022 Fall and Winter Fashion Show Review with Pendant and Ring.

Just want to take a moment to say thanks to the FF Channel on YouTube. Their front-row seat makes these shows a treat to watch. Check out their channel and the high-quality fashion show videos they continue to upload.

See you next time on Pendant and Ring.

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