Novice Treasure Hunter Finds Gold Pendants in Denmark

Mr. Ole Ginnerup Schytz was stunned to discover more than two pounds of Gold treasure on one of his first Treasure Hunting adventures.

Schytz called the authorities in December 2020, just after his discovery. The Danefæ inspector, Peter Vang Petersen said that this is the largest archeological discovery for the Denmark National Museum in the past 40 years.

Denmark’s National Museum and Vejlemeseerne archeologists excavated the site and determined that that trove dates back at least 1500 years ago.

Ole Ginnerup Schytz fell over a gold treasure, which in total weighs almost a kilo.
Photo: Vejlemuseerne from here.

The cache was uncovered in the remains of a longhouse about 5 miles from Jelling, Denmark, in a previously unknown Iron Age village. Some of the pieces are engraved with a mix of known and unknown runes and symbols.

Included with the standard medallions are Roman coin pendants (bottom center), at least on rare Arabic coin, and other medallions that are as large as saucers.

Most of the medallions are thought to be protection amulets. These pieces show a mix of Roman Caesar worship and Nordic mythology in its infancy.

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