Jewelry Trends WINTER 2021 – 2022

With fall in full swing it is time to set our sites on the first flurries of winter. This year silver and gold seem to carry equal value. There are as many new silver pieces as there are gold pieces on the runway.

Lets talk about pearls for a minute. Who knew those little oyster irritations would prove so beautiful, to say nothing about how popular pearls have become! If you haven’t yet, get in on this pearl trend. Adding a pearl ring, or pearl earrings is a perfect way to elevate your look this winter. Nothing is quite as classy or classic as the pearl.

Thick chains and chunky links are sticking around this winter. It seems that we can expect a shift to longer lengths of these, and all necklaces. When we are wrapped in turtle necks, the longer chains with pendants can help accentuate the bust and the V-shape. Optics and the human habit of tracking shiny things helps this trend along.

See this necklace at Nordstrom.

By drawing the eye into the center of the body, and down to a point, the shoulders and bust seem wider, while the waist seems narrower. It’s a win-win!

Charms are making a stand. Whether you like to mix and match a few new charms with old charms, or if you want to show off all your charms at once, this winter is the time to do it! We’ve seen an uptick in people asking for coin pendant only purchases over the past week, and now we know why!

Layering your necklaces continues to be a must-do move for this winter. How else can you show off all your new charms and coin pendants?

Statement rings are making a comeback. Leave the dainty stackers and minimalist moods for the summer months. Make an impression with big, shiny and bright, memorable rings on your fingers.

Enamel charms – some that look like they are taking cues from coins – are increasing in popularity, and I think they will be twice as popular when the pastels of spring burst onto the seen in 2022. Get ahead of the curve with enamel coin pendant charms like this one.

Or this Liberty Nickle.

Or this Bi-color Mexican 1 Centavo.

Or this JFK Half Dollar.

Or this French 20 Centimes.

Another up-and-coming necklace trend is the Y-necklace. Like the longer length necklaces mentioned above, Y-necklaces help you make the most of your beautiful shape. Draw the eye to the center and then let the gaze trickle down a Y necklace, ending with a point of interest, like this winter polar bear coin pendant in the Pendant and Ring store.

Y Necklace Polar Bear Classic hanging coin pendant You
See this necklace in the Pendant and Ring store on Etsy.

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