How to Order Men’s Custom Jewelry

This how-to post is for all the custom jewelry buyers out there! Today we will discuss some important facts to have on hand before you place your custom jewelry order (no matter where you place it). Once you know that the jeweler you are talking to takes custom orders, move through this checklist to ensure a seamless custom jewelry experience.

  1. Know your sizes. What length of chain are you looking for? What chain-thickness are you looking for? Do you know your ring size? Find your ring size by wrapping a slip of paper snuggly around the largest knuckle on the desired finger. Then measure the length of the paper. It has to be the knuckle so the ring can go on and come off, no matter the size of your finger between the knuckle and palm. Use the chart with size, half size and cetimeters to help determine your ring size.
  2. Know what metal you are looking for (and what purity). Silver can mean a lot of different things to a jeweler! Fine silver is different from Sterling silver, which can vary from historical grades of silver, and local standards of silver. Gold comes in different purities, as does rose gold. Know what you are looking for so you will be happy with the final product, and so the jeweler can quote you a fair price.
  3. Ask for personalizations and customizations up front. Making jewelry is making art. The better you are at describing what you want, the easier it is for your jeweler to create your masterpiece.
  4. Order Early. It takes time to make art. Give your jeweler the time they need to make your custom jewelry shine.
  5. Discuss how long it will take to create your custom jewelry.
  6. Agree on a price, and payment schedule.
How to find your ring size.

These five tips will help your next custom order go smoothly. Have something in mind? Let’s get started!

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