10 Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything

Sometimes picking a meaningful gift for the person who has everything seems impossible. That’s why we gathered these gift ideas for you. When coming up with ideas for the person who has everything, it’s important to remember that you took the time and energy to pick it out. Your gift is special because it is a symbol of your affection because it comes from you.

These lists are for the parent, parental figure, or elder in your life. Our elders often seem like they have everything already and so finding a gift for them, something they will treasure, can be a task! Here are 10+ gift ideas (and links!) to help you find just the right thing for that inspirational adult in your life.

gift ideas for the person who has everything

Gift Ideas for the person who has everything.

Wax Melts that look like food, and a flameless melter to go with it. Everybody likes a house that smells like cookies right? Cookie Wax Melts, Forest Wax Melter

Do they travel? If they do, check out this poseable memory foam pillow. Not only can it protect their neck, but it can also provide lumbar support for those long journeys.

A leather-bound journal with clasp, and vintage style CROSS pen and pencil set. There is something soothing about putting pen to paper in a day when everything else takes place on a screen.

Do they have a pet? Pet portraits are all the rage, and this watercolor pet portrait looks stunning with almost every kind of decor.

A charcuterie board with all the accouterments! We had our first family dinner of the season last weekend. With four charcuterie boards full of goodies, it proved a nearly stress-free way to get together and enjoy each others’ company.

A standing butler, or valet will keep them looking sharp! At the time of writing, there are three mid-century modern valets to choose from.

If your person enjoys cooking, a spice set might be just the thing!

Not really into cooking? Check out this customizable, matte color, metallic, or gold-mirror sign. You can order their name, favorite word, or catchphrase, and every time they see it they will be reminded of you.

Photos get more important over time. Simple snapshots remind people of happy moments, and the people we love – no matter how far away they are. This wireless and digital photo frame is just the thing to celebrate those memories.

Saving the best idea for last, you can get your loved one an antique coin necklace that makes them feel young. Check out these options:

Visit the Pendant and Ring Jewelry store and see all the goodies!

See you next time on Pendant and Ring!

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