💗A Valentine for Your Valentine 💗

Make Valentine’s Day 2022, a day to remember. Sometimes chocolates are just the thing, but a necklace or a ring in a box of chocolates is even better! Here are 10 ideas that can be as fun or as sexy as your Valentine! Let’s make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

  1. Make their favorite food for a candlelight dinner – as a surprise.
  2. Move all the furniture and make a dance floor, then dance to their playlist.
  3. Put a ring box in the big box of candy hearts.
  4. Put a coin necklace in a box of chocolates.
  5. Reenact your first romantic date at home.
  6. Make it a treasure hunt. Hide their gift, provide clues, and see if they can find it.
  7. Bury a ring box in a shoe box of rose petals then write NOT SHOES on the box.
  8. Hide a coin necklace in a new pair of shoes, or in a new jacket pocket.
  9. Hide a coin necklace in a velvet box inside a box of graham crackers and make s’mores.
  10. Tell them you have a surprise for them, then blindfold them (a scarf will work). When they are blindfolded help them put on their shoes and coat and gloves. Go outside for some stargazing or to the roof to see the city lights. Give them their gift outside. Extra tip: bring a thermos of hot chocolate.

Visit the store for that ring or coin pendant.

See you next time on Pendant and Ring!


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