How to say jewelry in …

How do you say jewelry in Spanish? Arabic? in German? in Finnish?

I only knew how to say jewelry in two languages when we opened Pendant and Ring to international customers. Lucky for us, most people are eager to practice their English when doing business with companies based in the US. For which we are grateful! Yet in the process of doing international business, we found that people are pleasantly surprised to hear a word or two, or a few phrases in their native language.

The problem is, we can’t know every language and Google translate only takes us so far. So we decided that the word “jewelry” was an important noun to learn! The list below shows how to say jewelry in twenty different languages. Listed first is the language, then the standard spelling in that language, and then an English spelling with stressed syllables in bold, for pronunciation.

How to say jewelry

How to say jewelry in

Language – Word (pronounciation)
Hindi – आभूषण (aah-boo-shan)
Mandarin Chinese – आभूषण (shew-bough)
Spanish – joyas (hoh-yass)
Arabic – مجوهرات (moo-zsho-ha-rot-one)
Bengali – গয়না (gall-na)
French – bijoux (bee-zshoo)
Russian – Ювелирные изделия (yuh-vey-lir-nee-iz-dill-ya)
Portuguese – jóia (zshoy-ya)
Urdu – زیورات (zear-rot) equal stress on both syllables
Indonesia – perhiasan (purr-he-aa-san)
German – Schmuck (shmoke)
Japanese – ジュエリー (juh-ry) equal stress on both syllables
Marathi – दागिने (dah-ghee-nee)
Telugu – నగలు (nah-gah-loo)
Turkish – takı (tuh-koo)
Tamil – நகைகள் (nah-key-koon)
Korean – 보석류 (poo-song-lyo)
Vietnamese – trang sức (tron-sue)
Persian – جواهر سازی (ta-low-fur-oo-she)
Finnish – korut (core-root)

We try to be respectful of all cultures when we do business internationally. That sounds easy enough, but business norms vary from culture to culture. As our international business grew we felt that knowing how to say “jewelry” in the customer’s language would make a difference because it encourages conversation and that helps build rapport.

Thank you for stopping by today – we hope you are having a good one!

We’ll see you next time on Pendant and ring.

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