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We all have one, that picky friend who says “Thank you so much, I love it!” with their mouth but their face is saying, “what is this thing?” Here are five quick gift ideas, or rather gift giving tips to make your picky friend really happy.


It is hard to find just the right gift for a picky friend, but we have the solution. It’s their day and you want to make them feel good.

Tip #1 Choose something you know they like.

As tempting as it might be to buy something you really like because you really like it and you think maybe they might like it too, don’t do it. Instead, think about what your picky friend likes. If it is not a long list; that’s great! That gives you more time to find the best version of one of those things.

Tip #2 Make the gift personal to them.

I don’t mean personalized, I mean personal. Do you know what year your picky friend was born? Do you know their favorite color? Do you know if they prefer chunky chains or dainty things? Do you know where they were born? Incorporate all you know about your picky friend into the gift. If they look at that gift and see their life then they are more likely to love it.

Tip #3 Know your budget.

The amount of money you spend is based on your financial standing, not on your friend’s financial standing. It’s tempting to spend more on a picky friend because you want to see them happy, but don’t do that. A gift is about sentiment, not cents you spent. By setting your budget first, you can narrow the search and find the best option for your picky friend and still respect yourself in the morning. If they only care about the price tag then, Are they really your friend?

A gift is about sentiment, not cents you spent.

Tip #4 Pick Practical or Fanciful before you start shopping.

Some people love knick-knacks. Some people hate knick-knacks. Some people love kitchen signs. Some people hate them. Figure out if your picky friend spends more of their own money on fanciful or practical things and follow their lead.

A picky practical friend will love a gift that makes sense. You want them to open their gift and think, “I understand why you got this for me. I see the connection between myself and this gift.” Practical people, even the picky ones, like solving puzzles. They want to see their connection to the gift right away.

A picky fanciful friend will love a gift that surprises them. You want them to see the gift and think, “I never would have thought of this. This gift is so me!” They want you to know them better than they know themselves and to pick something that shows how well you know them in an unexpected way.

Tip #5 Presentation counts.

The presentation is part of the gift. You can use your presentation to tell your picky friend that you see them and respect their style no matter what that style is. If your friend is a Diva or a Queen then they need over-the-top presentation. Wrap the gift in a bag that glitters, add too much paper and four bows, write a poem instead of a gift tag, and go all out! Is your picky friend a die-hard pragmatist? Use a solid-colored wrapping paper, a simple To/From tag, and tie it with a ribbon, not a stick-on bow.

We hope these tips help you choose the perfect gift for your picky friend. Thanks for joining us today!

See you next time on Pendant and Ring!

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