Summer Jewelry Trends

Happy Summer! Although it is not officially summertime, the official summer kickoff weekend has passed, and we are happy to celebrate the sunny season! Here are 10 Summer 2022 Jewelry Trends to lift your look.

Love me some silver! Bust out your silver goods, the shimmer of this watery color is all over the runways. Appearing in combination with edgier, 90s inspired fashion pieces, silver hoops, body chains, and chunky silver pendants are making a comeback.

Short and chunky chains and chokers in silver and in gold are stunning summer looks across the board. Opt for shorter chains to flaunt your coin pendants and gillery goodies as the temperatures climb!

Colorful jewelry is also on the scene. Stranger Things season four debuted with all the 80s inspiration required to bring back the rainbow of color we crave during the summer. Enamel hair accessories are a mainstay as are colorful gemstone rings, acrylic pendants, and woven fiber necklaces.

The fringe is back! No – I don’t mean bangs, although, they are on trend too. I am talking about long chains on all your jewelry things! Look for fringes on oversized hoops, fringes on necklaces, and fringes on upper arm cuffs.

Sally had it right with sea shells! Natural sea shell and semi-precious stone statement pieces have been strutting down the summer streets. Get your glitter on with a natural geode or sparkling stone.

What better way to celebrate all our shapes than to add a little body jewelry to our scantily clad summer selfies?! Body chains are back with a vengence and that is something to celebrate.

One decidedly 2022 trend is something Cleopatra would approve of. Arm Cuffs. Wrist Cuffs. Cuffs for cuffs and the thicker the better. Silver Cuffs. Colorful Cuffs. All The Cuffs!

Trend number three is more about emboding a style. Make a STATEMENT with your jewelry. Let your jewelry shine with big chunky stunning statement pieces.

Scarves are masquerading as jewelry all over the runway. Small scarves in your hair, on your neck, or large scarves draped over your shoulders for that luxurious look!

Our last trend for summer 2022 is to look for jewelry in unusual places. Chains on sunglasses and purses, charms on backpacks, shoes with beaded uppers, look to you accessories for added jewelry oportunities!

Thank you for joining us today! We hope your summer is everything you want it to be.

See you next time on Pendant and Ring!


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