How to wear a scarf and necklace together.

When you have a coin pendant necklace but need a scarf to stay warm it can be tricky to style them together.

The first step to success is to make sure your scarf and coin pendant necklace match. If your scarf is cool-colored (blue undertones, pale colors, pastel) then you will want a silver coin necklace. If your scarf is warm-colored (olive undertones, ruddy undertones) then you will want a gold coin necklace. Black scarves and white scarves match everything.

Although this article is about coin necklaces, these styling tricks work with any pendant necklace or charm necklace. You can also layer your coin pendant necklaces, wearing two or three at a time, or link your coin pendants all together on one chain, making a charm necklace.

Over time you will develop a personal style when it comes to jewelry. Until you get there, be easy on yourself and enjoy the process. How you wear jewelry also depends on where you are going. More formal occasions call for more formal jewelry styling, and more casual settings allow for more freedom when styling jewelry.

Historically, styling jewelry is a more difficult task for men. Today, however, men are wearing jewelry of all kinds in all situations. Knowing how to wear jewelry as a man, is today, very much the same as knowing how to wear jewelry as a woman, or as they/them.

So back to the scarf. There are all kinds of scarves; thin silky scarves, fluffy soft scarves, chunky woolen scarves, and numerous ways to wrap a scarf around your neck. When you pair a scarf with a necklace, the trick is to keep the coin pendant or charm visible.

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The easiest way to pair a scarf and a coin pendant necklace is to use a longer chain.

Put the necklace on first. Wrap your scarf close and snug. The coin pendant, on its longer chain, will hang lower, toward the center of your chest, and shine beneath the scarf.

Another way to tackle this style is to put the necklace on first, then put on the scarf, then reach between the folds of your scarf and pull the coin pendant and a small amount of chain through the wrapped layers of your scarf. This works best with long, or wide scarves. Make a space in the folds of the scarf, something like a nest, for the coin pendant. This is serious styling. Take your time if you choose this option. Play with different types of scarves and find which kind works best for you.

How to love your short-chain coin pendant necklaces all winter long.

In warmer climates, silky scarves are popular winter accessories. If your coin pendant necklace has a shorter chain, you can pair it with an open (unwrapped) scarf that you drape over your shoulders and let fall down your chest. This also works with thin scarves of other materials; a large loop crochet, or a fine knit scarf will work perfectly in this application.

If you are wearing the chunky variety of scarf or even a shawl, you can leave space for a coin pendant necklace on a short chain. In this instance, the coin pendant should fall just below the hollow space at the base of your neck. Loosely wrap the shawl or scarf around your shoulders. Adjust the scarf so you can see your coin pendant necklace, above the first fold of fabric.

We hope this helps you look your best the next time you go out. Jewelry styling – and truly all of fashion – is best when you make it your own. Your style is the best style because it is yours. Be you and have fun with this!

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