Art Coins for New Numismatists

In addition to the government-minted coins, there are also limited-run coins made by artists. Art coins vary in quality and number, but most are high-quality and they are usually minted in short runs of less than 10,000 units.

The decision to collect or not-to-collect art coins is up to each numismatist. It’s a to-be or not-to-be question and therefore there is no right answer, and all answers are right!

We do not collect art coins and I cannot suggest them as investment pieces. At this time they do not have a high enough investment return because of their relatively short history when compared to monetary and other government-made coinage.

But if I were to start collecting art coins for fun, then I would definitely add this one to my treasure list.

In August 2018, the photographer Coco Capitán released a limited run of five thousand coins with the help of her patron Gucci. Michele Gucci loved the idea of an art coin and so funded Capitán’s project. These art coins are among my favorites because they feature a bee on one side (yes it’s the Gucci bee), and also because I like Capitán’s critical take of fashion photography.

Born in Spain, Capitán took up photography as a teenager who enjoyed taking snaps of her friends. She received a formal art education in England and worked with Gucci while embracing her independent art style and developing a critical eye for fashion, photography, and art.

The obverse of the coin shows left-facing Michele Gucci in a ballcap surrounded by the legend: MICHELE XXV. The reverse of the coin shows the Gucci bee with a legend surrounding: ONE GUCCYLIN. The coins appear to be brass, with a diameter of about 22mm.

That’s a coin I wouldn’t mind collecting.

Happy hunting, treasure seekers!

See you next time on Pendant and Ring.

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