Heidi Horten’s Collections

In May 2023, almost a year after the death of Heidi Horten, Christie’s will auction her stunning jewelry collection.

Heidi Horten was born in Vienna in 1941 and married a German Department Store owner at 19. She inherited his fortune when he died in 1987.

Beginning in the 1970s, Heidi collected paintings, jewelry, and tiny, ornate, hand-crafted travel cases including manicure sets, jewelry boxes, and the like.

She also contributed to political parties and philanthropic entities. She began working on a museum project to house her art collection in 2019. The museum, called The Horten Collection opened in 2022.

Heidi died in June 2022, following the death of her third husband Karl Anton Goëss earlier that year.

Seven hundred pieces from her jewelry collection are scheduled for auction in May of 2023 at Christie’s Auction House; this will be an enormous auction.

Expected to be the largest grossing auction to date, Christie’s looks to bring in over $150 million.

To see some of the jewelry items included in the upcoming auction visit Christie’s Heidi Horten Collection:
Bulgari and Harry Winston
Van Cleef, Tiffany, and Antique Egyptian

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