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Have you seen the pictures? The redesigned New York Tiffany & Co store at 57th and Fifth Avenue is reopening its doors later this month.

After the acquisition by LVMH, the iconic Tiffany & Co NYC location got a facelift. The mega brand LVMH owns numerous international Luxury brands and added Tiffany and Co to its portfolio after much financial drama (you can read about it here).

LVMH hired the architecture firm OMA of New York to create Peter Marino’s vision and revamp the teal box shop.

tiffany and co pendant and ring

Marino has worked with LVMH before; redesigning Louis Vuitton locations in LA, Toyko, and London. He also worked with other independent Luxury brands including Chanel when he redesigned their Istanbul and Seoul locations.

Hell-bent on putting the art in architecture, Leather Daddy Marino opted for #indiebeige in the Tiffany & Co redesign. He kept pops of Tiffany teal in all the right places, but the overall tone is that of a subdued museum.

Marino’s style choices make sense for the brand. The museum-like qualities of the architecture and interior design highlight the reason we love the blue box store; the jewelry. If you’re hoping for something spicier from Marino, you’ll have to look elsewhere as LVMH continues the tradition of conservative styling in both architecture and jewelry for Tiffany & Co.

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