COVID-19 Response Page

Changes at Pendant and Ring

COVID-19 has not fundamentally changed Pendant and Ring Jewelry. We are still a mom and pop team making jewelry by hand, managing all aspects of the business including customer service, and shipping from home.

We sanitize more often than before but that’s about all that has changed.

As more people complete their vaccinations and get their boosters, the world becomes a safer place. Despite this we maintain our increased efforts with sanitized surfaces in the shipping room and in the workshop. As always, health and safety are top priorities.

There are numerous shipping slowdowns all over the world including the US. We continue to ship fast and free Monday through Saturday. To make things faster for you, we added a shipping upgrade option, as a separate listing in all of our stores.

Check out the Shipping FAQs page for more details about regular shipping and the Fast Shipping Upgrade.

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