COVID-19 Response Page

How is Covid-19 Changing Pendant and Ring?

COVID-19 is not fundamentally changing Pendant and Ring Jewelry. We are still a mom and pop team making jewelry by hand, managing all aspects of the business including customer service, and shipping from home.

We sanitize more often than before. Three times a day we disinfect all surfaces in the office where we ship, and in the workshop where we make your jewelry.

We also hold all incoming mail 24 hours before opening and use non-porous packaging to help keep you safe, even though there is no indication that the virus can survive the mail.

There are shipping slowdowns in some places domestically and internationally but we still ship quickly, Monday through Saturday. See how delays in shipping might affect your delivery on the new Shipping FAQs page.

Stay home if you can, and stay safe when you must venture out.

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