Top 5 Favorite TV Shows to Borrow Jewelry From

Here are our top 5 favorite TV shows to borrow jewelry from!

The ladies of Downton Abbey have fabulous late 19th and early 20th century jewelry.

Downton Abbey, The Girls

Anneliese Keating’s clothes and power necklace + earrings, or necklace + bracelet combos in How To Get Away with Murder are awe-inspiring! Don’t even get me started on her shoes…

The stars of Timeless get to play with a great selection of props as they time travel through the centuries.

What about Teresa Mendoza’s earrings in Queen of the South? All the women in this show look good!

Bones television show features three main female characters; Bones, Cam and Angela. Much of Bones’ tribal jewelry is chunky and bold, Cam prefers the classics (plus her wardrobe is amazing), and Angela is all about the funky-art pieces.

So ends the list of top 5 TV shows we would love to borrow Jewelry from!





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