Tumblr Tuesday #8

Hello! We hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! After reviewing our recent posts we thought it was high time to revisit Tumblr. Here are our top-10 best Tumblr posts over the past few months, and yes, there will be jewelry. But before we get to that, quick reminder: Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! You don’t have to wait until the last minute to get that present. Order something today and skip that stress.

Alright enough of that, let’s get to Tumblr! We’ve got fashion, we’ve got jewelry, we’ve got glitter, and we’ve got gold. In order from least to most reblogged, here are our top-10 pretty posts from Tumblr.

Love those rainbows!!

Reminds me of the History of Love Tokens post. ❤ ❤

#onwednesdayswewearpink #slytherin

A ring for every finger! Gotta love it!

The yellow though… talk about sunshine on a cloudy day.

Oh so glamorous.

All that glitters is not gold, mother-of-pearl glitters too.

Taking facepaint to the next level!

Vintage rings are just the thing.

Gold on gold on gold on gold.

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Here ends #tumblrtuesday!!
See you next time on Pendant and Ring!


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