A history of People and Caribou, the Wild Reindeer

Native populations of the Arctic have a long history with caribou and reindeer. The Inuit tell of people who occupied arctic territory in Nunavut before their arrival. The older tribe is the Tuniit of Dorest culture. Oral histories tell us that the Tuniit were a large and powerful people although lacking in mental facility. Yet … More A history of People and Caribou, the Wild Reindeer

Thursday Motivation – Quit Perfectionism

To continue Tuesday’s theme of National Native American Heritage Month, we chose this quote from a Native American author. Be thankful you weren’t cursed with perfection. If you were perfect, there’d be nothing for you to achieve with your life. Imperfection is the source of every action. This is both our curse and our blessing … More Thursday Motivation – Quit Perfectionism

National Native American Heritage Month

During November, Americans of all creeds, classes and colors give thanks. In 1990, the observance of Native American Heritage Month began with a declaration of celebration. In the late 20th century, the US acknowledged the falsehoods presented in the traditional US Thanksgiving – at least in part.  Public discourse on the meaning of Thanksgiving reached … More National Native American Heritage Month

Minimalist Gift Guide – Meaning Means Everything

Buying a gift for the minimalist in your life can be a tricky prospect. Here are some quick tips to help narrow the search. Whatever things a minimalist decides to keep are things that minimalist needs. Beyond our basic needs, humans have psychological and self-fulfillment needs. If your gift fits a need you can bet … More Minimalist Gift Guide – Meaning Means Everything