Minimalist Gift Guide – Meaning Means Everything

Buying a gift for the minimalist in your life can be a tricky prospect. Here are some quick tips to help narrow the search.

Whatever things a minimalist decides to keep are things that minimalist needs. Beyond our basic needs, humans have psychological and self-fulfillment needs. If your gift fits a need you can bet the minimalist in your life will appreciate it. One way to address the psychological needs of your minimalist is to give a gift that develops or celebrates your shared relationship.

Minimalists value relationships more than things, but a thing that strengthens a relationship is a keeper. A token of your relationship would please the minimalist. In addition to relationships your minimalist also values activities and accomplishments. If your minimalist achieved a major accomplishment, celebrate that! If your minimalist loves travel you can provide them with a token of their home away from home.

Self-actualization is a major goal of the minimalist journey.  By letting go of things, your minimalist can discover who they really are. You can help them achieve their dreams by respecting their wishes. People self-actualize by achieving their true potential, by learning new things, or by mastering a trade, craft, or skill. Celebrate your minimalist’s journey by respecting their practices, their choices and their dreams. Token gifts are more desirable than large objects you look for whenever you visit your minimalist.

In a nutshell, practice restraint when it comes to gifts for your minimalist and make sure whatever you get them is a heartfelt celebration of this journey we all call life.


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