10 Ways to De-Stress this Holiday Season

During the

Stress peaks during the holidays. As we start our journey toward New Years’ Eve it is important to take care of you! Here are 10 easy “me time” ideas for your mental health this Holiday Season.


If you can’t go to the gym, that’s okay. YouTube has over 1,001 exercise channels. We like Yoga channels but if Yoga’s not your thing, find an exercise you enjoy and do it. Just a little bit of exercise can lower your stress levels for up to 24-hours.

Hygge Time

Hygge is a Danish word that roughly means “special moment.” We all experience special moments that make us happy. Cultivating some hygge can reduce your stress as you settle into a cozy corner with a favorite drink, or food, or book, or friend. Surround yourself in comfort – if only for a minute – and feel the stress melt away.

Go on a Walk

If you have a way to get outside and breathe some fresh air – do it. So much of our lives take place inside boxes. We wake in our house box, travel in our car box, and spend the day in our work box. Getting out of the box for only 10 minutes, maybe on your lunch break, can help reset your sense of well-being.

Eat Right

What we put into our bodies affects us physically and mentally. Have you ever been Hangry? Yep? Me too. That is a mental side effect of not eating right. To be on your A-game you need the right fuel for your life. Eat well to be well. When you are eating right your mind and body work together to protect you from illness and stress.

Spa Day

Go to a spa, or have a spa-at-home day. Start with a facial treatment. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A warm washcloth and five minutes of stillness can improve your mood. Follow with a luxurious shower or bath and finish with a foot rub. The act of self-care reduces your stress and improves your mood. No fancy potions required!


Music can help calm your nerves. Pick your streaming service of choice and look for, or better yet, create a stress-free playlist to enjoy when you feel your anxiety ratcheting up.

Love the LOL Cats

Laughter is the best medicine. To rid your body of stress, load up on laughter. Laughing reduces stress, you can read about the science behind this lovely truth at Science Daily.

Get Friendly

Calling a friend, or better yet, going to see a friend when you are feeling overwhelmed can make life bearable again. Friends can help us see the world, or ourselves, or our situation through a friendlier lens.

Slow Food

During the Holiday season time seems shorter than usual. Rushing from task to task people forget to take pleasure in the little things. Cooking and eating are two small pleasures that can help us slow down and enjoy life.

Tourist your Town

Craving a vacation to calm your nerves and quash your stress? Be a local tourist. There are places and spaces in every town worthy of exploration. Take a day, night, or afternoon to see your city through fresh eyes. Getting out will give you a new appreciation of the place you call home.


Tldr? Let’s Recap!

Here are 10 ways to keep your stress in check as the holiday season progresses.

  1. exercise at home
  2. get your hygge on
  3. go on a walk
  4. eat right
  5. spa time
  6. find or make a playlist
  7. love the LOL cats
  8. get friendly
  9. eat some slow food
  10. tourist your town


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