Hello December! Pendant and Ring Newsletter #2

Tis the season…

Welcome to the second installment of your monthly newsletter! It is the time of year when we look forward to gathering with friends and family. Don’t get bogged down searching from place to place or site to site looking for the perfect gifts; we can help you simplify your shopping and make this a great year for everyone.

This month’s newsletter includes a gift guide and easy contact information if you have a custom gift in mind!  As always, we offer quality craftsmanship and a free gift just for you. ❤  We accept Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal. Plus we offer (free!) gift shipping for everyone on your list!

But first! As promised we are live on Tumblr and Snapchat! Click the icons at the end of the post to stay in touch! Now, let’s get to that gift list!

The Significant Other

Jewelry is a go-to present for the one you love most.  What would they think of these simple lotus earrings for $11.00? What about these festive reindeer earrings for $12.00?

If earrings are not quite enough, you could always buy your lover a necklace. Is he the sunshine of your love? Is she your queen? These coin pendant necklaces are only $20.00 each!

Depending on where you are in your relationship, perhaps a ring is just the thing. We make custom, hammered silver bands in 6mm widths for $70.00 and 10mm widths for $85.00.

You can also order a custom coin ring, from any country of your choice, like this $80.00 Silver Dime-In Ring from the USA or this $20.00 Golden ring from Ireland.

If you’re looking for a specific year or specific country, contact us. Not all countries minted coins in all years past, but we can stamp a year onto the coin ring of your choice! We can also stamp initials and names into the rings. Contact us for more information.

The Friends

Depending on your friendship, jewelry might just be the perfect gift. What about matching silver quarter necklaces for $28.00 each? One for you and one for them. Choose a year, or a state if you are on the move, to commemorate your friendship.

The Parents & Grandparents

Although your birthday may have made them parents or grandparents, their lives started long before you arrived on the scene. Surprise them with a birth-year pendant from the country of their heritage for only $20.00. Here are examples from Liberia, the USA, Mexico, and Ireland. Not the country you are looking for? Contact us and we can help you find the perfect gift.

Collegiates, Teens and Kids

No matter how much we would like to time travel into the future and bring home coins from the year of your College or High School student’s graduation, we cannot, at least not yet! 🙂  What we can do, is make a graduation ring from a silver hammered band. Let’s call it a class ring. The ring can include either the year of graduation or the students initials, up to four letters. A 6mm band with 4 stamps is only $70.00, and a 10mm band with 4 stamps is only $85.00. Contact us with “Class Ring” as the subject line and we can hammer out the details.

Now we are to the children. If you have a child on your list, you can tell us a little about them when you purchase any item, and we will include a free piece of children’s jewelry, as your free gift.

We promise to deliver quality craftsmanship with every order. We accept Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal. Plus we offer (free!) gift shipping for everyone on your list! Just contact us at the time of checkout; leave us a note in the Add Message box, or contact us directly. We look forward to helping you make this holiday season one to remember!

Until the New Year, we’ll see you on social media!

If you’d rather read all the blog posts and skip the item listings check us out here: Pendant and Ring on Blogger. Don’t forget to subscribe!




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