Who is Karen Elson?

Karen Elson is a model, musician, and mother residing in the US but originally from the UK. Her fashion sense is fantastic and her song “Wonder Blind” is heartfelt and haunting. It is the first song on her album Double Roses – have a listen:


Elson started modeling in her teens but never fell into trend chasing. In style, she borrows from the 1940’s and adds updated sense of quirk, making her personal style inviting and playful. Her clothing choices are all simple and straightforward. She seems equally comfortable in a tailored suit, a floral pullover dress, or rolled jeans.

From @misskarenelson on Instagram.

She and her two kids live in Nashville, TN in a 1940’s  home featured in Architectural Digest. When asked about her house and why she chose she responded with lighthearted wit, “… all I ever wanted was an English country house in Nashville,” and that is exactly what she crafted. With the help of designer friends, Elson walks the line between the stifling femininity of the world before the sexual revolution, and the freedom of today’s personality-centered home design resulting in a stunning balance of strong traditional and unconventional modern elements.

Photo by Leslee Mitchell in Architectural Digest.

Elson’s style is bold and enigmatic, which explains the quote at the beginning of the post. “Trends come and go and style evolves.  It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.” In her home, in her clothes, in her person, Karen Elson embodies the modern woman who can reach back in time and cherry-pick the elements that please her most.  Accessories support her personal style in the same way your accessories support your style. Elegance is timeless and style is personal. Do what you love, wear what makes you feel good, and you will always look your best.

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