Tumblr Tuesday

Hope your month is humming along nicely. Welcome to the first installment of Tumblr Tuesday. It is a new series for sharing our cultivated collection of images that you will love.

When we first set up the tumblr account I did not know what to do with it, and then tumblr was in the news for removing images with a notoriously ill-informed bot. Using social media is part of business, but I was blind to how tumblr could help and then wondered if it would be worth any time at all after the #tumblrexodus. Since we had some post up already I decided to keep going and I am glad I did. The first post on pendantandring.tumblr is:

I picked this quote because it is true. I was not talking about tumblr existing but instead, about all of you, the Pendant and Ring family. At the time, I did not know that I would come to love tumblr too. If you are unaware of the magic that is tumblr, go check it out. You can visit tumblr.com, sure, but I advise a google search. Do an image search of your favorite film, or musician, or beverage, or your favorite color followed by the word tumblr. Like what you see? Then tumblr is for you!

Although there are some changes going on with tumblr it still has may diverse communities to join, blogs to follow, and so many unique and talented people sharing all manner of things that uplift those around them. Here are our favorite 10 posts from Dec 1 to Jan 6. …drumroll…




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