How long should your necklace be?

Necklaces come in many different lengths. What length you like best is often determined by your own personal style. When looking at photos online, keep in mind, no two people have the same shape. Some people may have thicker necks, or longer torsos, or deeper hollows between the collar bones. Some people feel comfortable in a collar while others find it uncomfortable. When deciding on a chain length – think about your favorite necklace, or look at the clothes you intend to wear the necklace with. We live in a time when style is personal, and the best style is the one that makes you feel most confident.

Collar length is typically between 12 and 14 inches.  These necklaces sit on the neck, at the place where shoulder muscles attach to the neck.

Choker length is typically between 14 and 16 inches. Some of these sit at the very base of the neck while others hang just at the hollow of the neck.

Princess length is typically between 16 and 18 inches. A traditional strand of pearls sits at princess length.

Matinee length is typically between 20 and 24 inches. At this length we begin to see more statement pieces.

Opera length is typically between 28 and 32 inches. Opera length necklaces are often paired with little black dresses and variants thereof.  Opera length is great for more formal or sexier affairs. Doubled, opera length chains can look like a two strand choker, or like a separate collar and princess length necklace depending on your body shape and what makes you feel your best.

Rope length is anything longer than 32 inches. These are the real statement pieces. Often finishing in a large charm or stone, these necklaces invoke the drama of the silver screen. Wrapped around twice or three times, these rope length necklaces can provide the ever popular layered look.

We hope this tour of necklace length has helped you come to a decision.

If you have any questions contact us and we will be in touch.

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