Tumblr Tuesday, Take 2!

Hello All! Welcome to the second installment of Tumblr Tuesday. It is a series for sharing our cultivated collection of images that you will love. Want to start with the first tumbler Tuesday post? I totally get it.

It was a busy month on tumblr. We picked a new theme, posted and reblogged more this month than last. We gained some new followers and found some awesome people to follow. There is still buzz about people leaving tumblr due to nsfw policy changes, but the drama is starting to die down. It seems that, although many people chose to move on, the people who remain continue to share beautiful, funny, original content. The post links are listed after the slideshow so you can reblog what you like. Without further ado, here are our 10 favorite posts from the past month!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#10 note to self

#9 yellow couches

#8 lavender fox

#7 colorful stairs

#6 pouring cocoa (gif)

#5 cc collage

#4 quote “is there anything…

#3 rainy candle (gif)

#2 fox in wind

#1 cheetah mom and cub

Until next time – we’ll see you on social media!

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