Caring for your Jewelry *Summer Edition*

Summer brings vacations, water sports, sunscreen, camping, bug spray, and a host of summer specific chemicals in contact with your skin and jewelry. Caring for your jewelry during the summer can mean taking an extra few minutes to ensure the longevity of your favorite pieces.

Bare shoulders practically beg for big earrings. Whether you prefer chandelier, drop, dangle, or big hoops the spray sunscreen and bug spray can damage the finish on your favorite sets. To avoid premature plating chips, apply all spray-on protectants first, wait for them to semi-dry or semi-absorb, and then don your jewels.

This also applies for plated necklaces. And for sterling pieces, wearing them in the water, during exercise, and in contact with summer-specific chemicals can cause them to tarnish faster.

If you’ve ever worn a copper ring, currently popular for healing, metaphysical and weight loss properties, you’ll know that it can turn you green if it comes into contact with sweat, chlorine, or salt water for an extended period of time. You can fix this by carefully applying a thin coat of clear nail polish to the inside of the ring, or taking it off before you jump in the pool.

Since ancient times, body chains have held various significance in most cultures. This can be observed from the famous golden body chains and jewelry of Ancient Egypt to the decorative body necklaces in Medieval Europe meant to be worn over surcotes, as well as other cultures all over the world at different points in time. Today, a lot of body chains are made with inexpensive base-metals, so they are very delicate and many break at the slightest stress. This problem can be avoided by purchasing body jewelry that is both stronger and finer, and by treating it carefully. Spend a little more time and money at the time of purchase to ensure you are happy with the lifespan of your piece. You deserve something special, jewelry that lasts.

Finally, something that many jewelry-wearers forget about are their anklets! These pieces of jewelry are polished, stylish, super summery, and so easy to put on and forget about, which has pros and cons. Don’t harm your anklets or lose them! For fine metal, aside from being careful to prevent premature tarnishing, make sure to step carefully. On the ocean, or if you are camping or hiking, delicate jewelry snags easily. Make sure the clasps on your anklets are attached solidly with solder or secure split rings. These weak points are where chains, and anklets snap. With beads on an elastic band, you must be a little more cautious, as these can snag on rocks or stray branches easily without due caution. This same logic applies to bracelets, but I emphasize it for your anklets because of their proximity to the ground.

When you go camping, hiking, sunbathing, or your choice of summer activities, make sure your jewelry is safe. Leave heirlooms in safe places, care for fashion jewelry carefully, and take extra care to watch for snags.

Have a sparkling summer!

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