Do minimalists wear jewelry?

If you’ve ever been curious about minimalism, summer is the perfect time to check it out. Going minimalist is a personal decision and there are as many different versions of minimalism as there are people. In a nutshell, minimalism is making do with the least amount of stuff that you are comfortable with. The key word here is comfortable. Minimalism is not necessarily a vow of poverty, or going without for ethical reasons, or sacrifice for the sake of austerity. Minimalism is about finding comfort. Does jewelry have a place in minimalism? Yes, if you want jewelry to have a place in your minimalism, it does.

The November Issue, Primahl, Jess Alizza

Minimalism is also about gathering experiences and memories. What’s cool about coin jewelry is that it’s a small symbol of an experience or a memory; one that doesn’t gather dust, and is an expression of style. There is a lot of buzz about coin jewelry recently, even Forbes is talking about coin pendant necklaces like the ones available here. In our experience, people celebrate milestone moments with coin pendants.

Alex, one of our customers, is a minimalist who recently obtained a bachelor’s degree. Alex and their three best friends are all moving out of a shared house to the next stages of their lives. They wanted to remember each other with something more lasting than a four-way BFF charm. After some back-and-forth messaging Alex settled on four, 2014 Sacagawea coin pendants. They chose that date because it was when they started their journey together as college freshmen. Now, they view the next stages of their lives as a continuation of their friendship journey rather than the friendship’s end. They didn’t get the pendants because they are coin collectors, or because they love Sacagawea (although they do), but instead these coin pendants mark a place in time that is important to each one of them, and compliments their minimalist lifestyles.

About two weeks after we shipped the pendants, Alex sent us a thank you message:

Charles and Renee,

Everyone loves with the Sacagawea necklaces. We’re planning on getting together a year from now to celebrate our moving-out date. I hope we can all make it, but if not at least we have the necklaces. 🙂

It was a pleasure working with Alex and being a small part of that friend-group for a few weeks.

If there is anything we can help you with contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

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