Happy International Cat Day, Jewelry Fans!

Happy International Cat Day Card with cats wearing jewelry; a greeting from pendant and ring.

When did International Cat Day start? Although there are many newly created holidays, International Cat Day has ancient origins. The Ancient Egyptians revered cats and worshipped Bastet, a cat goddess of protection. In both human and cat form, she was adorned in beautiful gold jewelry. That is when cat jewelry got its start too. Cats have been an important part of human society since the dawn of agriculture when mice and rats became a problem for humans instead of a food source. The cats were revered as hunters and protectors of grain. Although barely domesticated, housecats have become the second most popular pet internationally. First place belongs to freshwater fish, just don’t tell the cats.

Ancient Egyptian Bastet statue and handmaiden bust statue.
Bastet in Jewelry, the cat goddess of Ancient Egypt.

On August 8th, 2002 the International Fund for Animal Welfare officially named the holiday and the internet has embraced their cats and cat memes ever since. It’s interesting that they picked the sign of Leo in which to celebrate Cat Day! It was the Babylonian’s who first saw the lion in the night sky. They named the Leo constellation and gave center stage to cats over 3000 years ago, but they were not the first to see time move in the stars. The oldest star calendar ever found dates back 10,000 years. It was found in Scotland, but they make no mention of cats.

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