Tumblr Tuesday Take 4

These are our top ten tumblr posts since Tumblr Tuesday Take 3, excluding jewelry. If you want to see the jewelry, you have to go see the tumblr! We also posted a #what do you think post today, so let us know!

In addition to jewelry posts, we reblog fashion that catches our eye, interiors that jump off the page, landscapes that inspire, fabulous foodie shots, and quotes that strike a chord. We use tumblr to share a little of our personality with you and to get to know you better. Got a tumblr? #f4f for the next 7 days! Our favorite reblogs share the Pendant and Ring vibe. It’s all about luxury and keeping it real. We love jewelry dripping with diamonds and that high Haute Fashion, but for everyday wear, we temper jewelry and fashion with a dose of reality. We love the far off landscapes and amazing brand new interiors designed with the golden ratio, as well as the chill boho and clean minimalism we keep at home, in the workshop, and at the office. The bento boxes and Mediterranean tablescapes are inspiring and the quotes can be laugh-out-loud funny as well as encouraging. Self-love is a big theme in our quote choice. So without further ado here are our top ten tumblr posts in no particular order:

Still image of gold glitter gif rolling in on itself.
Watch the gif on Pendant and Ring tumblr!
Ancient ruin of a castle gate with clover windows.
See the Tollymore Forest Park Gate on tumblr.
Vintage style at a cafe table in the 1970s.
See more vintage photos like this after the jump.
A rainbow of tightly packed succulent plants.
These succulents are reposted from thatnotsopopulargirl. She’s got a great eye!
Gold half stater coin with a profile of Artemis.
This goddess coin features Artemis in all her glory.
The raven on Edgar Allen Poe's gravestone.
For our raven earrings, we found this headstone. It belongs to Edgar Allen Poe: “Quoth the raven…”
Colored drawing of Harry Potter characters Hedwig and Crookshanks.
Here is the unlikely pairing of Hedwig and Crookshanks in wonderfully illustrated form.
Tablescape overlooking a sea at breakfast.
This location looks lovely, and so does the food… Talk about great lighting.
Minimalism with a Boho flair.
We would love to spend some time in this cozy space. Wouldn’t you?
Detailed close up of an ancient torc closure.
This ancient gold torc is a perfect way to finish our tumblr round-up!

We hope you enjoy these photographs! Tumblr is a great place for art and interaction, join us, at pendantandring.tumblr.com !!

What do you think?

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