Bringing Brooches Back

A jewelry brooch is a pin, tack, or clasp attached to the clothing. Brooches are versatile items to have in your jewelry arsenal. Although brooches are not usually necessary in modern fashions their use continues and we will happily see more of them in the near future.

Tortoiseshell and silver engraved brooch from WWI.
WWI Tortoiseshell Sweetheart Brooch

The history of brooches is long and winding as a utilitarian object, as well as a means of protest or support, however, sometime in the late seventies, the brooch fell out of favor. Today, however, the brooch is back.

A pewter brooch with open door with, cat on an coat rack and a dog at the base.
Pewter Brooch with action. The door opens and closes.

Five years ago #bringbackthebrooch crept into social media. At the 2019 State of the Union address, Nanci Pelosi wore authority on her lapel which let the entire chamber know that she would not neglect her office nor let anyone forget the power she wields as speaker of the house. Princess Kate consistently wears brooches, each with a story of their own. Today brooches reclaim the limelight.

The townley brooch, gold carved disc with pearl and green enamel.
Townley disc brooch circa 1000ce.

The July 2019 New York Antique Jewelry and Watch Show featured numerous brooches from the 18th century through today. Carved silver and gold, delicate enamel flowers and metal flowers, pearls, diamond and rhinestone-encrusted brooches of every shape and size were on display. Flowers and small creatures rendered in glittering light shone under the lights. Red carpets shimmer with brooches at shoulders, along plunging necklines and resting in the small of so many backs. So if you are looking to create a brooch collection, or add to the one you already have, you are in the right place.

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