Man Made Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds

There is a lot of debate in the jewelry industry regarding man made diamonds. Influencers across numerous social media platforms have cast their votes either for, or against the new process that produces genuine perfect diamonds in a lab. Take a minute to join the discussion about some of the big questions concerning the creation, and consumption of lab made diamonds vs real earth made diamonds.

How are man made diamonds made?

Lab diamonds are real.
Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

Lab made diamonds are indistinguishable from earth made diamonds, and nothing like the CZs we are all familiar with. The man made diamonds are made in labs under the same conditions that makes earth diamonds. In the earth, carbon from plant life is buried under tons of rock and soil. The pressure deep in the earth’s crust compresses the carbon into diamonds. In a lab, carbon is put into a pressure chamber. Electricity powers the chamber that mimics the huge amount of pressure found deep in the earth’s crust. That pressure compresses the carbon into diamonds in the small pressure chamber. After removal from the pressure chamber the lab diamonds are physically identical to mined diamonds. All raw diamonds harvested from labs or mines go through the same inspection and cutting processes before going to market.

Are man made diamonds environmentally responsible?

Lab created diamonds require the same pressures that mined diamonds require. Producing that much pressure requires a great deal of geothermal energy in mined diamonds, and a great deal of fossil fuel energy in lab created diamonds. There are a multitude of lab created stones that require significantly less fossil fuels. Industrial use of fossil fuels helped created the climate crises we now face. Supporting new industrial fossil fuel consumption is not environmentally responsible.

Are man made diamonds socially responsible?

Be environmetally and socially responsible.
Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Working in the mining industry is notoriously dangerous. Unregulated mining industries and village based mining are even more dangerous that the modern mining industries in first-world economies. The dangers associated with diamond mines include child labor abuses, lack of safety equipment, lack of mine infrastructure, slave wages, health concerns that extend beyond the mine into the surrounding villages, and pollution that harms villages, towns and cities downstream. People die mining diamonds and people get sick and sometimes die just by living near diamond mines. Man made diamonds are not tainted with these social stains, however, they do nothing to mitigate the social effects of increased fossil fuel pollution the diamond making process produces.

How much do man made diamonds cost?

Depending on quality, clarity, and cut, lab diamonds cost between $800 and $4000 per carat. As a financial investment, the resale value is much less than earth made diamonds (especially as diamond identification techniques improve). Economically, unregistered, used diamonds sell for similar prices according to the Have you seen the ring? calculator. In 2019 and according to a quick Google search, earth mined diamonds range from $3000 to $6000 per carat.

Are man made diamonds worth it?

The decision whether to buy, or not to buy a lab created diamond is based on each person’s assessment of social and environmental responsibility vs. the desire for the number one symbol of everlasting love and devotion. New, used, and man made diamonds are chemically identical. If your diamond purchase is a financial investment then man made diamonds are not your best choice. If you desire the most ethical and guilt-free diamond purchase buy used. If you must have a new diamond but want to shed some of the guilt, buy a man made specimen.

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