Reminder! Take time to take care of you!

It is the beginning of a new season and the perfect time to shed some stress. As the weather cools we can take this time to look inward and recover from the heat of long summer days. Heat is a stressor that our bodies have to fight to get through. When the heat waves moved through Paris and they opened the fountains to cool-seekers, it was in recognition of the danger that high heat poses. Being aware of, and combating, those kinds of day to day stressors is important to your health.

Daily stressors are harder to see than acute stressors. Heat is a slow and creeping stressor that makes your body work harder to get the same results. Ever tried to take a test or do your taxes in a too-hot room? The heat is drawing energy that your brain needs for complex tasks, in order to sweat and keep your heart cool. Thankfully, the heat is starting to retreat in the northern hemisphere!

So make your health a priority. Before the end of the month, find thirty minutes in your busy schedule to do nothing. Turn off your screens. Lay on the floor.

Let the stress fall away.

You guys in the southern hemisphere?  Join us on the floor too, it’s nice down here, up here, on the floor!

Just be and let the build-up of summer stress fall away. I dare you, I triple-dog-dare you, to make you a priority!I dare you to care for you!

What do you think?

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