October 2019 Newsletter #12 – In The Loop!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the 12th installment of

In the Loop!

the Pendant and Ring Newsletter. In this edition, we review the top three articles and jewelry items from the past thirty days, discuss some changes that took place, address a customer concern, talk about a noteworthy trend, and look to the future. Thank you for joining us.
Happy October; let’s get haunting!

Looking Back

Our top three, best-performing items in the past thirty days include:

The 2-Tone, Queen Bee Pin, Vintage Style

Irish Rabbit Bunny Coin Pendant

The Lucky Bunny, Irish Rabbit Coin Pendant

Black and gold Buffalo Indian Nickel Coin Pendant

The 1935 Gold and Black Enamel Indian and Buffalo Nickel Pendant Necklace

Our top three, best-performing articles include:

How to layer chains, for him.

How To Layer Chains – For Him

A Short History of Coin Jewelry

A Brief History of Coin Jewelry

How to tell if it's vintage or just old.

Is it Vintage? Learn how to tell with Pendant and Ring.

In addition to these posts, we updated our 1-year-old website and wanted to say thank you for the rave reviews! (If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.) Thank you for your kind emails and messages! By the way, you guys can leave comments, it is totally fine to talk to us that way too… just so you know… no pressure… 😉 We wanted to make the content easier for you to find and quicker for search engines to sort. If you like what you see, or don’t like it, or have some ideas for improvement leave us a comment (or send an email, or message us on social media). We love hearing from you.

Customer Concerns

We had two new customers ask about Christmas shipping times in the past ten days. So we are all on the same page: International Orders placed before November 15th are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. International orders placed after November 15th are not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. Domestic orders placed within the contiguous US before December 10th are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. Domestic (USA) orders placed after December 10th are not guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas.

Also note, we can gift wrap presents and include gift messages, just let us know in the add message box at the time of check out. (Yes, it’s free!)

If you are looking to place a bulk order of a single item, or to place a bulk order with many unique items, please use the Contact Us form on the website. We can ship your items in a single package, or individually to each gift recipient. Communication is key in these endeavors and we would love to help you make this Christmas and Holiday Season memorable.


Although I am not a trendy kind of girl – I prefer the vintage vibes – there is an interesting swing toward silver. In clothing and jewelry, silver is starting to make a comeback. You can get ahead of the curve by incorporating silver into your signature look. Pantone Color Fall Winter 2019 2020Silver clothing and rings seem to be leading the charge, as they pair nicely with the PANTONE color selection for the 2019 Fall and 2020 Winter seasons. Every season PANTONE releases a pallet with 16 most popular, seasonal, colors. You can see the colors in the PANTONE flower to the right. —> If you are interested in each specific color, including name, RGB value, and hex code you can search PANTONE’s website for each color in the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 reveal.

Looking Forward

This month you can look forward to new coin rings, new gemstone rings, and beautiful new brooches. As we get closer to Halloween, we also have two curious tales about possessed jewelry to share. Make sure to check back with us frequently, and subscribe below so you never miss a post!

Here ends the 12th edition of In The Loop with Pendant and Ring! Thank you for joining us today, and sticking with us all the way to the end. Until next time: See you on social media!

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