Jewelry News Round-Up #1

This is the first-ever Jewelry News Round-Up on Pendant and Ring. Being in the jewelry business means reading a lot of jewelry copy, we watch trends, big-name designers, new players, and take note of jewelry business stumbles. Here are four news stories for your viewing enjoyment and our own Tiffany & Co. scoop!


National Jeweler is a jewelry news website kicking off this round-up with the scoop on Princess Beatrice’s engagement ring. She is engaged to property man Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi who popped the question earlier this month, but the ring is the thing we want to talk about here! It was designed by Shaun Leane who has his own line, which is full of stunning pieces. The couple chose a platinum ring with a 2.5 carat round diamond as the focal point. The flanking stones include more rounds and two stunning tapered baguettes (no, not the bread).

To see the ring and Princess Beatrice’s 3-photo ring reveal on Instagram, check out the full story on National Jeweler.


Entrepreneur Magazine shared a doozy of a story; “Employees Accidentally Trash $5 Million in Diamonds At Fifth Avenue Jewelry Store.” Can you imagine the conversation in the backroom at J. Birnbach’s jewelry store?

Boss asks, “Where are the diamonds that were in the safe?”
A manager says, “I don’t know. I thought you got them.”
Boss says, “No, you were supposed to get them.”
Rookie employ walks in… “Sorry, I’m late.”
Boss asks, “Did you move the two boxes of diamonds that were in the safe?”
Slackjawed Rookie: “Those boxes were full of diamonds?”

The alleyway security camera caught the diamond trashing and saw who pilfered the boxes from the trash. The police are working on recovering the diamonds but you will have to read the rest of this whodunnit on Entrepreneur.


JCK is an industry leader in Jewelry news. This morning they reported that “Forever 21 Announce[d] It’s Filing For Bankruptcy.” Not new news, per se, but this article includes some bankruptcy details. The fast-fashion scene is abhorred by big-brands and adored by spendthrift teens and twenty-somethings.

Forever 21 might be the canary in the fashion coal-mine.

If Forever 21 is the first of many fast-fashion stores to close down, then the days of low priced, trendy, and poor-quality fashion goods might be numbered. That being said, it appears that many US and Mexico locations and the Forever 21 e-commerce site will remain active. Perhaps the restructuring bankruptcy is an intentional decision: a publicity boost, and a way to cut the deadweight while refocusing company energy toward the online market. Get the dollar details about Forever 21’s bankruptcy at JCKOnline.


Tiffany & Co. opened a men’s line on October first with 183 jewelry items. We are very excited about the line, it is luxurious and understated. Tiffany focuses on metalsmithing with silver, gold, rose gold, and steel. Their bracelets and chains are minimalist in design and, like all Tiffany products, made to last. They also have some subtle diamond sparkles on a few pieces, a couple of leather bracelets [1][2], and a number of  “T & CO” branded items. Tbh, I read those as TACO rings at first glance: Had to do a double-take. 😉 In addition to the new jewelry, they debuted a number of other accessories and a whole category of game items, like a walnut tic-tac-toe block. Visit the Tiffany store to see the entire line up. It is nice to see so many handsome men in jewelry and so much new, well-made, understated jewelry for all of us to choose from.


I hope you enjoyed reading this Round-Up as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here ends the very first Jewelry News Round-Up on Pendant and Ring. Have a spectacular day!

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