Tumblr Tuesday #6

Let’s shake things up.

Instead of the usual countdown of our top ten most shared posts on tumblr, from 10 to numero uno, let’s go from the most popular post to the tenth most popular post!

The first post has over 52k notes and it deserves it. Look at this lovely silver service for a perfect tea. The November Issue always has the prettiest plushest luxury images.

The pinkish vibe really caught our eyes this month and Leah Berman caught the pink light. I can’t get enough of the soft, light and shadow play in her images.

Who doesn’t love Sophia Bush? Girl’s got activism down to an art. The guy who posted this gem is bnmxfld, who’s intellectual melancholy has just the right amount of hope.

This kitty baby, on these leaves, is the ultimate vision of fall. AutumnFoxe’s love for this season lasts all through the year.

Is this triptych not a haunted story waiting to happen? MustafaDuvar shared this spookiness but he usually shares the cuteness!

Autumn is also about the lengthening night, but sometimes it’s not the dark but the light that’s mesmerizing. Thank you FASHION. 🙂

The Make-up Brush found this coin + compact? + headband and because we are all about the coin jewelry I had to reblog it!

So the Online Counselling College is a very gray place but Nelson Mandela was a hero who brought light into the world and I just love the guy.

This is the prettiest pink? mauve? nude? dress. I would love to have and wear this dress everywhere. LaceTulle shares lots of beautiful clothes and has a sweet-sexy style that won’t stop!

So this person has access to all my future houses. Literally, it’s like Redlight-Interiors pulls these images straight from my imagination!

You made it! Congrats! This is the end of the sixth, top-10, Tumblr Tuesday list!

We are always looking for new tumblers with beautiful images and great messages to share. If you know of a good one tell us in the comments or me or message me on tumblr!

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tumblrtuesday number six

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