John Travolta, Princess Diana and the Sapphire Choker

In 1985 two beloved international icons, John Travolta and Princess Diana danced at the White House. She was wearing a beautiful floor-length fit-and-flare navy dress and a stunning choker. The dress is currently for sale, but the most recent attempt to sell it failed to generate enough interest to reach the minimum bid. The choker, however, is not and will probably never be for sale.

The choker that Princess Diana wore that day is composed of pearls and a sapphire brooch. The brooch was a gift from the Queen Mother before Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. After the wedding, Diana had the brooch set in the center of the seven-strand pearl choker.


Diana loved pearls and chokers. This pairing is especially stunning and was one of her favorite pieces. She wore it many times after the famous White House dance.

We have yet to see Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle in the iconic piece. Perhaps because Diana wore it with the stunning “revenge” dress. The revenge dress was very similar in styling to the White House dress, only with an asymmetrical hem cut from just above the right knee to the left mid-thigh. The dress broke royal protocol, but on that day, many ideals of propriety went out the window.

Rumor has it that Meghan’s engagement ring features diamonds repurposed from Diana’s Sapphire and Pearl choker although there are so many diamonds in the family collection, none of us can know for sure.

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