Jewelry News Update: Tiffany and Co + Louis Vuitton

There have been a lot of changes at Tiffany and Co. recently and this one seems to be the biggest yet. Louis Vuitton wants to buy Tiffany and Company. The stock prices that initially shot up are stumbling as the acquisition looms. Still, the stock value is better than it was, and it has not fallen back to the $120s yet. I’ve got to wonder how Tiffany’s new Chief Brand Officer, Daniella Vitale, is going to manage the legacy and please the new owners at LV.

Tiffany has historically been very different from other luxury brands because it is not meant to set the wearer apart or to mark them as “better than” anyone else. Instead, Tiffany as a brand has, at least up to this point, celebrated everyday people and maintained a very USAmerican idea that individuality is part of greatness. The inclusivity of the brand might be challenged as it comes under the wing of a traditionally separatist-elitist-aristocratic brand LV. Perhaps Tiffany is strong enough to maintain its inclusivity as the market for inclusive-natured brands continues to grow, and that might make LV a better brand.

Here’s hoping.

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Tiffany and Co LV Jewelry News

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