Hello Christmas | Dec 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the Newsletter; you are now in the loop! November was a good month at Pendant and Ring. We learned a lot about jewelry sales on Etsy, and ran our first two P&R promotional jewelry sales! We hope that all of you USAmericans enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend and that every one of you fellow Earth residents are looking forward to a holiday season full of family, friends, and presents! Like you, we are also at the beginning of a busy month, so this is a short newsletter.

Herein we review the top three jewelry items and top three articles of interest over the past 30 days. We are also sharing a few things you can look forward to here on Pendant and Ring.

Let’s get to it.

Firstly, wow you guys! The Small Business Saturday Event on November 30th and the Cyber Monday Event yesterday were huge successes! Your orders are packed an on their way. You can expect your parcels (and free gifts!) to arrive on or before Tuesday, December 10th.

Looking Back

Top 3 Jewelry Posts for the past 30 Days!

Canada Bunny Rabbit Coin Necklace

Canada Coin Pendant bunny rabbit

East India Treasure Coin Pendant Necklace

Coin Pendant East India Shipwreck

Roaring African Lion Coin Pendant Necklace

Roaring Lion Coin Pendant

Top 3 Articles of Interest for the past 30 Days!

How to Clean Enamel Jewelry

how to enamel jewelry

A Sparkling Cider Recipe

Sparkling Apple Cider Recipe

How to Layer Chains, For Him

How to layer chains, for him.
Link to post!

Looking Forward

Did you watch the Macy’s Day Parade? It is one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions. I love watching the cartoon characters of my youth sail across the screen with festive marching band accompaniment. My favorite moment is the arrival of Santa, not because it’s the end of the parade, but because that means it’s Holiday Movie season! Now that it is officially here, it’s time for some movie posts!

Last year we made two, holiday movie posts. One of the posts reviewed top Holiday movies by decade for a historical twist on your holiday, and the other one focused on the sometimes hard-to-please 10 to 16-year-old crowd.

This year we revisit that theme but with a focus on two different age groups. There will be two posts in this series:

  1. Holiday Movies for Kids Under 10
  2. Holiday Movie for Date Night ❤️

As a reminder, the Holidays are hectic for postal carriers too. Make sure to get them a token of appreciation for all the cards and presents they deliver to your door! Need some ideas? Check out these options for $20 or less:

Antique Buffalo Nickel Coin Pendant Necklace for $20.00

Buffalo Nickel Coin Pendant Necklace

Indian Head Penny Coin Pendant Necklace for $18.00

Indian head coin pendant necklace

Tumbled Turquoise Stone Bracelet for $18.00

Tumbled Turquoise Bracelet

Go one step further to ease the mail carrier’s load by ordering all your gifts early so you can be sure they will arrive on time!

That’s it for Pendant and Ring! Time to get back to your Christmas Shopping!

If you haven’t already, follow below so you never miss a post!

Thanks for joining us today! We hope you enjoy your Holidays!

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