How to Fix Broken Glasses at Work

Sometimes it happens!


If your lens pops out of the frame, you can typically pop it back into place. Align one side of the lens with the edge of the frame. Use your first and middle fingers to press the lens into the frame while using your thumbs to stretch the frame around the lens. It may take more than one try. Don’t give up! You can do this.


The easiest way to fix a broken frame when the temple has come away from the face is to use your post earring. Align the hinge and slip the earring into the place where the screw goes. If your temple is thin enough you can use the earring back to hold it in place, at least until you can replace the screw.


If the temple is too thick for an earring and earring back, you can use a staple. Take a staple out of a stapler and straighten it. Push the staple through the joint, and bend the ends so the staple does not fall out. During your lunch break, or after work, you can get a replacement screw at a drugstore.

If you can’t find a staple, look for the smallest paperclip you can find. If you can find one that is thin enough, use the paperclip in place of the temple screw. Bend the ends into place, and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the excess length.

Hope this helps!

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