February 2020 Newsletter, Hot off the Presses!

Hello and Happy February! The past thirty days have been busy as the Etsy store continues to grow; thank you for the favorites and follows! In this month’s newsletter, we share our top-four most popular jewelry items across all stores, and our top three posts of the past 30 days. Additionally, we turn our gaze to the future with a little bit about what you can expect in the upcoming month from the Pendant and Ring family.


Most Loved Jewelry and Posts

popular jewelry coin pendants

The most popular items across all stores include:

The top three best performing posts on the Pendant and Ring Jewelry Blog were:

  1. A Short History of Coin Jewelry. This might be our most popular blog post. Consistently, it brings people to the jewelry blog. If only we could write 100 more posts like this one!
  2. Tip Tuesday: How to Clean 3 Types of Enamel Jewelry. This post is great because it applies to more than jewelry. You can use these techniques to clean enamel dishes and other enamel items too.
  3. How to Layer Chains – For Him. There is a trick to it, but like all jewelry, layered chains shine best when backed up with confidence.

Looking Forward to February

Of course, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t picked something out for your significant other, check out this post full of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him. If you are still undecided about what to get her, check out these possible presents:

Mysterious Roman Coin Pendant

roman coin pendant necklace

Classic, Mid-Century Style, Simulated Pearl Earrings

simulated pearl earrings

Vintage Silver Italian Rope Bracelet

vintage italian silver

In addition to Valentine’s day, we have a great month planned. You can look forward to a new How-To post, a review of the Oscar’s best jewelry, and a surprising jewelry news round-up.  You’re not going to believe this. Until then, stay warm, and avoid worrying about politics. Enjoy your February and have a great day!

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